Our custom-built 3bbl Century brewing system, visible directly behind the Pub bar, is ideal for production of the small-batch brews in which we specialize.

Traditional recipes influence the design of each of our distinctive European-style Ales & Lagers, down to the barley, hops and yeast specific for each style of beer.

Locally-sourced adjuncts, such as maple syrup and honey, contribute key elements to the flavor profiles of several of our beers, such as the Wood Hick Vanilla Maple Porter and Goldenrod Gold Ale.

We strive to infuse the character of our nature and heritage into each batch. Even the names of our brews are reflective of the geographic features of the area in which we live, the community we love, and the history of which we are proud.

Let us know in the comment section, your favorite Blackwater Brews!

Checking Specific Gravity

Checking Specific Gravity

Generally Available Year-round:

Canaan Valley Kolsch

Goldenrod Gold Ale

3200 Alt Bier

Laurel Run EPA

Angus Macker Hardy County Sweet Oatmeal Stout

Seasonal Offerings:

Weisse Wasser Wit

Four Seasons Saison

Highlander Helles Bock

Mountain Maerzen

H.G. Davis Dunkelweizen

Wood Hick Porter  — a Vanilla Maple Baltic Porter

St. Nicholas Manna XMAS Ale

Stay Tuned for an Upcoming IPA Series!

*** Tap a BW Brew at your next event. 1/6 BBL kegs are available for sale . . . ideal for weddings, family reunions, birthday bashes, etc. Please give us a call. ***


2 thoughts on “Brews

  1. Bless you for being in Davis! We are here for a week, but I am in the middle of my primary fermentation (Saison), so no home brew made the trip. See you Sunday!

  2. Stopped by on the weekend of July 18th. Thanks for being so hospitable and passionate about your beers. Enjoyed all your beer offerings and thanks for your last growler. Will be sure to stop by again!! Enjoyed it!!

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