Memorial Day Weekend at Blackwater Brewing Company


Weekend Menu:

  • Chicken and Andouille Sausage Gumbo
  • Jambalaya
  • Roast Beef PoBoy
  • Pesto Fettucini
  • Bratwurst Platter
  • Fish-n-Chips
  • Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken

What’s on Tap:

Canaan Valley Kölsch
Pilsen malt-based ale-lager hybrid. A classic style originating in Köln, Germany. Use of ale yeast imparts a malty sweetness to the front end, while fermentation temperatures in the high lager range impart a clean and crisp lager-like ending. Tangy citric notes may also be detected on the palate at finish. Czech Saaz hops impart a delicate balance of floral bitterness.

3200 Altbier
Another German ale-lager hybrid, fermented in the same manner as our Kölsch (i.e. with ale yeast at lager temperatures). Munich malt lays the groundwork of solid ale sweetness, with caramel tones sourced from CaraMunich and Aromatic malt varieties emergent on respiration. Traditional Spalt hops impart an earthy interplay with the rich maltiness of the barley grains.

Goldenrod Gold Ale
A Belgian blonde style beer. Two-row brewer’s and Pilsen base malt, and just a touch of light caramel malt, provides a framework for the intermingled subtle sweetness of locally-sourced goldenrod honey (from Healthberry Farms, Dry Fork, WV). Bright as a clear mountain sky, and finished with the glacial mint / sweet fruit splash of Polaris hops.

Laurel Run English Pale Ale
Tone it down a bit, Gov’na! What was once a traditional English-style India Pale Ale, what with a load of malt, hops and alcohol, is now a fine example of British Mild-to-Moderate Bitter. Quite sessionable and refreshing, without leaving you feeling like you just gargled a grapefruit with pine garnish. Pours the color of many of West Virginia’s ubiquitous Laurel Runs (without the acidity). Fuggle hops. Right!

Wood Hick Porter
A Baltic porter, on the surface as rustic and swarthy as the area’s lumbermen of yore! Underneath the raw veneer, a reminiscence of Old World refinements…a cacophony of dark currant and raisin, upfront; engrained within, a distant trace of Madagascar bourbon vanilla and local-source maple syrup.

Angus Macker Hardy County Sweet Oatmeal Stout
Lincoln’s great-grandfather, whose family came from the Moorefield area, lends his name to this dark, yet approachable and easy-drinking libation. Not too rich, not cloying; standard, humble and reliable. Traits that he saw in his father’s family, and would like to imagine were passed down from Angus Macker. He brewed them into this beverage. There’s a hint of chocolate and coffee on the finish. No tannic bitterness to the end. Traditional Fuggle hops.

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